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Wooo-Hooo ya made it thanks for coming in!  As you can tell this isn’t one of those “big-flashy-corporate-sites.” Refreshing huh? This is my very own personal site that I built myself and I consider YOU my guest!  Heck I’d offer you a beer but I can’t figure out how to convert it into html. Anyway In case ya haven’t noticed I’m not a young professional model or anything like that. Heck I’m 52 years old and got 5 friggen kids, so if you’re looking for “Barbie” the bitch aint here! (haha)

For those of you who know me and have found this site CONGRATULATIONS! Now you’ll have something to talk about with your friends when you have nothing better to do. I am certainly NOT going to justify myself to you or anyone for that matter because I am an ADULT and I am NOT doing anything illegal or dishonest. Can you say the same? Now for those of you who question my morals, standards and/or reasons for having this site, I have one question for you. What are YOU doing here LOOKING? HA-HA…

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