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Hubby & Me
Hard core married couple fucking at the Exotic Erotic Ball
This is my husband John. . . Yeah I know he looks like a mean mutha fucka that would kick your ass for the pure fun of it! But actually he's a real sweet guy. (He's gonna kill me for saying that) John and I are just a your average married couple like your neighbors next door. We put catsup on our fries, fart in bed, and fluff the covers too! (LOL) I guess the only difference is we have a porn site! (Ha-ha)  Not only are we happily married but we are best friends too. What turns us on? besides enjoying wild, animalistic, sweaty, passionate sex, we enjoy going on long Motorcycle rides, spending time with our kids, and hanging out with our friends while enjoying a cold beer. Our family thinks we are going through a mid-life crisis because of our tattoos, body piercings, this site, and the way we love to go out and get crazy sometimes. We say poop on YOU! Growing old may be mandatory but feeling old is optional! Are we swingers? Believe it or not but NO we are not! While we enjoy the fantasy of experiencing other partners, we prefer not to swap. Our love making is something we like to keep exclusive just between just US!

Parents or Perverts? Some people think that just because we have an adult web site we must be perverts who run around all day with no clothes on! Yeah right! I only wish we had that much privacy! (LMAO) We're just your normal everyday parents who make spaghetti on Monday, order Pizza on Friday, and take the kids to McDonalds on Sunday!  99% of the time we are just "Mom" & "Dad" with a mortgage to pay, color crayon marks on the walls to clean up, dog poop in the yard.

Do our children know about this site? Yes they do! We are very open and honest with our kids. However John and I are responsible enough to know that there is a certain time and placed for everything. We do not discuss or show our children the contents of our site. So yes they know about it, but NO we do not involve them in anyway. Basically we have taught our children that what ever one chooses to do with their life is their own business and right as an adult! As long as it's not illegal or physically unhealthy, we feel it's important to be yourself, follow your own dreams, and NOT be a sponge to society. In other words. .  .Make yourself happy. . . not others!